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Hello again

February 24th, 2010 No comments

Sorry for the gap between entries my dears. I’ve been hard at work on a little piece de theatre in addition to all my other responsibilities. Its been terribly, terribly difficult. You know the feeling.

Let’s make up for lost time, shall we? First, the MTA is still a mess. That hasn’t changed. Express trains run local, local trains run express, and there remains an expectation that a station stop in Manhattan that is not being serviced in one direction should very reasonably be assumed to be reached from the other direction – via Brooklyn. Um, no.

Thank goodness for cabs. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about cabs, principally because since the downfall of a once-functional mass transit system I’ve spent oh so many hours riding in the backseat of one. The other day I nearly went through the partition when my cab stopped short on the way to the theatre. That’s bad. I was reminded (and I shall, like a good Samaritan – ha – remind you) of the importance of wearing one’s seatbelt in cabs. Native New Yorkers don’t believe in wearing seatbelts in cabs. We strap ourselves in like astronauts preparing for a launch when in transit around the Hamptons or (especially) whilst overseas. But here in our hometown, with mad drivers swerving this way and that, we are perfectly content to click away on our BlackBerrys with little cognizance of the perils just outside that flimsy door. That should change.

Since we have those frightful TaxiTVs now, perhaps its time for a renaissance of celebrity reminders. Are you, dear reader, too new of an arrival to remember Joan Rivers screaming, “Pick my nipple up off the floor and for God’s sake put on your seatbelt!” (or something like that – I may be paraphrasing slightly) You are? Well it wasn’t the most beloved of all our transit initiatives. It turns out those riding in cabs don’t want to be screamed at by New Yorkers – famous or not. Who’da thunk it?


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Three Sisters and Other Pursuits

February 9th, 2010 No comments

I am currently hard at work on a workshop production of Three Sisters (I’m playing Solyony). Eve Best is directing and its fun and weird. We do a lot of improv-ing and physical work which culminated last week with the cast recreating the fire scene from the play by running up and down the stairs of the semi-demolished warehouse in which we are rehearsing yelling chestnuts like, “How can this be happening?!” and “Oh my God, quick, grab this bucket!” or, “Everyone get out right now! Its a fire!!” Shockingly, the Chinese day-laborers working on the surrounding floors were more than a little concerned at our impromptu decision to spend the afternoon sprinting and screaming. Someone convinced someone else not to call the Fire Department and then we all went to drink Crystal Light and talk about our feelings.

In the evenings I take meetings with people about projects. These meetings generally involve alcohol (because they are in the evenings) and thus are fun. Sometimes I even take notes.

But most importantly I had a festive and feisty weekend. Did you watch the superbowl? There were a few acts and this stage show in between some of ’em. The guy singing was old or not old, can’t remember, and I really enjoyed it I think. Alcohol may have been involved.

The night before I went to a wig party for my dear friend Nicole’s bday. Here’s what some of the shenanigans looked like:

See how that strand of hair is carefully draped across my big wrinkle line? That’s not on purpose!

I also went to an old haunt this weekend with Brian: Art Bar. I hadn’t been there in five years and the second we sat down our order was being taken by the very same waitress who used to serve us 17 times a week when we were young(er) and poor(er). She was still robotically chipper and so I ordered some quesadillas and a bunch of cocktails. Yum!

I went to some brunches too, including one at my friend Eli’s apartment where several people unknown to me commented on how much they just adored my house parties. Cue lines like, “Oh hi YOU! How are YOU sweetie? Fabulous to see YOU!” as I quickly reach for another drink. It reminded me of a time I sat down for a drink with some friends months ago when a stranger leaned over to me and recounted how I had changed his life with my advice during his “dark, dark period.” Huh? Apparently when I am wasted I acquire a sense of empathy (not to mention listening skills) totally foreign to me in my sober hours.

So, how did you spend your weekend?



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