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Whither Max Fish?

May 12th, 2011 No comments

Max Fish has been shut down (temporarily) for underage drinking. But even when they reopen, their life-expectancy is admittedly short with their landlords desiring a hefty rent increase for the pleasure of being able to serve “locals” (who – note – don’t actually live in my neighborhood for the most part) drinks served with a hefty dose of frigid distain. Pink Pony next door will probably close too. Now I will have nowhere to go for an overpriced hangar steak and some nostalgia at midnight. Except for all those places that are better and cheaper.

While many are bemoaning the demise of such staples, the reality is these places aren’t all that great anymore. The only real issue is that they will be replaced by small boutiques run by Upper East Side ladies with nothing to do except sell crappy necklaces no one wants as part of a plan devised by a shady life-coach or shaman to reinvigorate their dusty lives after an Eat, Pray, Love bookgroup reading binge.

So, until then, go and enjoy these relics from a bygone Lower East Side. At least when both are reopened.



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