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And He’s Off

Well we’re off for Portland today and that means a teary goodbye to Nova Scotia. I expect that the entire population of Yarmouth will turn out to wave silk scarves and weep from the docks as we pull ever-so-slowly away from dry land and into the Bay of Fungus.

Some of you have commented that the site looks different. You, friends, are correct. We (I) here at MySilentLife have gone a bit upmarket and created a slicker look on the suggestion of my friend Matt Wallaert who knows all things social and ‘net. Matt works at Thrive with my buddy Avi Karnani and is quite clever. If you see him out, sipping on a non-alcoholic beverage, say hello.

Something rather important happened after we spoke last, and that thing is Sir Jasper’s swim. Yes, folks, my little terrier who shouldn’t like to swim decided to brave the water and swam out a bit into the lake to catch up with my wading self. He did a fabulous job and I was thrilled. Alex called out to him with glee, I clapped and remained frustratingly silent. He’s growing up, my little man. Here’s a picture of him to remind you of what he looks like:

Jasper on the Deck

Jasper on the Deck

Delicious blueberry pancakes have been eaten, alas without coffee because coffee isn’t allowed on my – I’m a mute on a restricted, really bad, no fun diet – and we’re loading up the silver car from the future.

Wish us Bon Voyage!



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  1. Mommy Wheelan
    August 18th, 2009 at 13:31 | #1

    I do believe Jasper resembles our side of the family!

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