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My First Full Day of Silence

Greetings all,

My first full day of silence.

Alex and I are en route to Portland, ME where we will be boarding a prop plane to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Again, keep fingers crossed.

I tried venturing away from Alex whilst he popped into the Starbucks to get something at CVS and I was forced to ask someone who worked there a question. I pulled out my handy notepad and began scribbling away. But of course the employee had trouble reading it and couldn’t figure out what I wanted and, even after writing to her that I was not deaf, refused to speak to me. She was resorting to some rather non-committal shrugs and saying to the employee next to her, “oh he cant talk or something.” I’m standing there thinking, “I can hear you.” Just one small glimpse into the life of someone who lives with a disability. Its really eye-opening to see how little people understand about how to communicate outside of their pedestrian, anticipated interactions.

I’m learning how to sign a few things. Its not really terribly helpful because no one else understands the signing but I think Alex is picking up on the little I’ve learned thus far. I google youtubes and videos of people signing “thank you” or “I love you” etc.

Sushi reigns as my preferred food (miso soup and soft delicious fish – the perfect post throat surgery, anti-reflux diet!) Plus, I can just bow a lot on my way in and out and they respond in kind. Loves it.


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