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Nova Scotia Recap

So as most of you know I have returned to NYC and am speaking a wee bit. I’m trying not to shout or converse for long stretches at at a time. But while its wonderful to be back in the Big Apple, I think it nonetheless vitally important to recap some of the beauty and wonder that is Nova Scotia. I can think of no better way to do so than to follow up on my promise of just a wee glimpse of the fashions I witnessed in cosmopolitan Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Just remember to vote for my ad campaign for The Nova Scotia Board of Tourism, “Nova Scotia: Land of the Free T-shirt!”



Lest though you think these distingué individuals were the only ones rocking the latest in haute couture, I have included a random sample of just a few other dapper citizens of the land cell phone towers forgot.




As you can see, the taste level here is bleeding edge. Like my eyes were bleeding. I especially like how the paparazzi-shy lady in the bottom photo decided to rock all her bling for the Shark Scramble. Honey, unless your name is Sarah Sulzberger¬†Perpich, you are not fabulous enough to rock rings on all fingers. I’m puttin’ my Gucci-clad foot down on that one.

So tomorrow, friends, is Friday. What will you be doing to celebrate the dawn of the weekend? Shall there be debauchery a-plenty? Or are we keeping an ascetic August attitude? Won’t you share your plans with me – and the world – in the comments section below?



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