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Friday has arrived again and everyone who is anyone will be braving the monsoon this weekend in the Hamptons, swaddled in down, munching on goose liver pate. Except for me ’cause I have fabulous house guests for whom I shall skip the rice fields and remain in a New York state of mind for what promises to be a wet and sultry couple of days.

Theo, Brian, and Mattie came over last night and Jasper was dead to the world exhausted. Of course, come 1am he was bouncing off the walls and continued to do so until I hypnotized him back to sleep. He for that period was busily alternating between humping and pulverizing his favorite toy, a stuffed raccoon. Despite his complex relationship with this fuzzy, furry wonder, Jasper continues to turn heads throughout the one block of the Lower East Side on which he is semi-willing to walk. He’s only been back 36 hours but already the neighborhood is riveted by his presence. One of our fabulous neighbors, who bears more than a slight resemblance to NeNe from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, picked him up and Jasper snuggled right into her ample bosom. ‘Atta boy!

Jasper's bum

Jasper's bum

With a return to New York comes a whirlwind of much-neglected activity. Have you drunkenly left something at my apartment? Expect it to be returned shortly. My BlackBerry with the sticky alt key? Replaced with one that clicks with all the gusto of Dorothy’s heels. Closets? Getting cleaned out for the arrival of winter’s bulky sweaters and new fall coats to ease the inevitable gloom that comes with shorter days and cooler nights. What’s on your to-do list for the arrival of September? And more importantly, what will you be doing tonight to avoid said to-do list?



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