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The time has come…To talk of many things.

Last night I had an absolutely delicious dinner at Perbacco in the East Village. Have you eaten there? If not, you should. The waiters have only the loosest grasp on conversational English and smoke between courses (not their courses, mind you, but rather yours). They are entertaining and encourage a languid, European meal that practically begs to be drawn out over many hours. The food too is exceptional, inventive and delicious. Try it.

I had the aforementioned meal with my friend Orlan. We discussed some pro bono work we are doing together but mostly we chatted about our childhoods. Mine: tempestuous. His: vaguely international. The waiter forgot things that we ordered and Orlan spoke to him in various languages, none of which were the waiter’s native tongue, until my handsome companion remembered the origin of the cuisine we were enjoying. After that, those two got on like pigs in shit, I’m tellin’ ya.

I wore a Moschino shirt and, for the first time in many moons, spilled absolutely nothing on it. This was not due to sobriety. Orlan and I had a delicious bottle of wine. Orlan refilled our glasses each round because our waiter was concerned his tobacco stash was remaining too large. A grand time was had by all.

We talked of many things, including the terrible fires in Athens. We discussed not, for lack of time I suppose, the horrid pictures published in today’s Times of skinheads in Moscow (advance to slide #5) protesting an organization for gay activists to challenge governmental policies. The picture hyperlinked above shows an ultra-masculine a femme gay skinhead standing up for his rights being schooled by a lesbian. Hawt.

But what of Jasper, you ask?  Well the little man does not much like his return to city life. Walks on lead fill him with a persistent and indefatigable sense of ennui. Urban, scrawny maple trees pale in comparison to their mighty, vital oak brethren. Those trees are, in fact, not even good enough to pee on.

Jasper rolls cruise control

Jasper rolls cruise control

So clearly Sir Jasper has his work cut out for him. But I am confident he will meet this challenge and defeat his aversion to the grimy streets of the Big Apple.



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