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Poor Jasper

September 22nd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

This Saturday I sat through the Public Theatre’s production of Othello. In it, Philip Seymour Hoffman wears a tight green sweater. There are lots of really strangely¬†over-amplified¬†voices bouncing about (who is talking? Oh, its that mousy one in the corner!) and everyone dies from being impaled by a bic lighter. Also, its 17 hours long.

After that I ended up in the country at a friend’s horse farm. Jasper has a grand ol’ time until someone noticed his little right front paw was bleeding. He had torn his claw out – which is supposed to be painful – whilst running around the yard. He was unfazed. He seemed more perturbed at the fact that the game of catch had ended than at his injury.

We went to the vet today who prescribed medications and cleansing baths. Also, he is making Jasper wear this:

jasper with plastic collar september 2009

I mean, is that not the saddest thing you have ever seen? The poor guy is taking it like the l’il champ he is, but I still feel pangs looking down on him.

Today I did some tutoring and was introduced to the show “Beauty and the Geek.” Have you seen it? It was on back in the day and apparently a new season is coming out. In it, ugly guys pretend to be smart and beautiful people are shockingly, is this for real?, dumb. One girl had her occupation listed as “babysitter.” You should hire her if you want your children set on fire by a stray curling iron.



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  1. Mommy Wheelan
    September 26th, 2009 at 18:38 | #1

    OH POOR JASPER. BTW how’s the reception on that thing?

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