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Calorie Postings Don’t Change Habits, Study Finds

In today’s New York Times, Anemona Hartocollis (say THAT three times fast!) forwards a not-so-shocking expose. People are fat! Not only that, they don’t care what they eat and are thus likely to remain fat! (Extra Extra Read All About it Here) At issue here is whether those calorie postings that now appear on the menuboards at fast food restaurants are doing any good. The answer appears to be a resounding no. That’s because in poor neighborhoods people tend to tell a surveyor, “oh yeah, I done made a healthy choice!” but actually, they are totally lying, and in fact ordered one million calories worth of food. (A large sprite = 310 calories! Who knew?) Said Sprite orderer (she also got some food products) remarked, “I don’t really care too much, I know I shouldn’t, ’cause I’m too big already,” she added with a laugh.

OMG diabetes! ROTF! LOLZ!

But not everyone was laughing. Some were seriously contemplating how to help big Bertha make better choices. One such person was some dietitian who said, “Just by contemplating healthier choices, they feel like they could have done it and maybe they will the next time.”  Ummm, apparently not. That’s kinda the point of the findings.

Personally, I love those calorie counts. Whenever I am forced to grab fast food between appointments I look at them and choose my meal accordingly. ‘Tis true, I dont often eat at McDonalds. But even at Subway, a frequent lunch choice, those calorie counts have proven useful. For instance, I used to grab the tuna sandwich, steering clear of any red meats or cheeses. As it turns out, that tuna must be LOADED with mayo cause it has one hundred and fifty thousand calories per serving. So now I get the turkey on 9 grain with tons of veggies. Booyah!

So while the calorie counts may not be doing the trick up on 125th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, they are making a difference down here south of Houston. Just another reason to give a thumbs up to good ol’ Bloomie and his band of singing cohorts.



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  1. Phyllis Wheelan
    October 6th, 2009 at 13:52 | #1

    Forget Anemone Hartocollis (a fabulous Greek name) , try saying ‘help big Bertha make better choices’ three times fast! As for me, calories do not apply to any liquid (ok milkshakes, sure!) so I can be lead astray easily. Got a blender?

  2. October 8th, 2009 at 16:40 | #2

    I love the mandatory calorie displays! For instance, while I almost never get food at Starbucks I was shocked to learn that the delicious-looking donut is a mere 10 calories more than some stupid muffin with 100 year old desiccated cranberries in it. Now I know to never order the muffin but to maybe one day when I’m feeling splurgey: order the donut.

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