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Trend Watch

October 14th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Has anyone else noticed the resurgence of Afros among young African-American men? I’m seeing teenage guys rockin’ the BIG hair all over the city. I’m digging it. Its all very throw-back: Michael Jackson when he was hot (and alive), ethnic-identity celebration fabulosity.

I snapped a pic of this young man on the downtown 6 at Union Square. Work it!

afro on the 6 train

Other trends I’ve noticed lately: plaid shirts on guys are so not going away. Fall seems to have re-inspired every man below 14th street to yank his best Steven Alan lumberjack special out of the back of the closet and toss it on for Sunday brunch. Its all very woodsy and masculine unless you happen to be meeting 2 other guy friends who are wearing similar shirts in which case it looks clashy/matchy, like a national flag designed by committee.

Boyfriend jeans: lots of girls are rocking them and looking good. This surprises me. I thought only Gwen Stefani would look good in them. I was wrong.

Trashy hooker heels: Rich girls in $1200 pumps that are knocked off from $75 drag queen pumps I saw on a bunch of decidedly male size 10 feet 2 years ago at clubs. This trend is not cute. Just ’cause they are Chanel does not mean you look good. When the heel plus platform makes the shoe bigger than your head, you are a tranny. No questions asked. Red or pink patent leather seals the deal.

What have I NOT noticed: scrunchies. Yes, I know, they are everywhere! Except not really. Sure, on the runways and in the windows of American Apparels everywhere. But when I look around Mayahuel over cocktails or Sant Ambroeus over brunch or the L train over…riding the L train, I see no scrunchies. And soon everyone’s hair will be covered in warm fuzzy hats so there will be no valuable cranial real estate left for the sad, droopy ol’ scrunchmaster.

Other vital trends:
-getting swine flu
-not getting swine flu
-pretending to get swine flu

Additionally, I think that this whole recession thing is behind us. I base my conclusion not on any data per se but rather on diners at Per Se. Chic groups of gregarious boozers seem to be rapidly multiplying throughout the city. Cocktails are flowing and everyone is out and cutting a rug ’till 2am. It goes without saying that yours truly approves of this trend and willingly participates in revels on a frequent basis.

Speaking of haute-fun, have you been to the Boom Boom Room at The Standard in the Meatpacking? Its apparently had its name changed to QT or some nonsense but that’s like how Gary Jackson’s mercenary army changed its name to “XE”. Please. Everyone in government still calls in Blackwater. If the directors of said company truly wanted a rebranding they would have changed the name to something other than an unpronounceable two-letter word. I digress. Boom Boom Room is utterly fabulous and I can’t stay away (except on Sundays and Mondays when its closed). Its packed with celebrities looking far inferior to the gorgeous wait staff and the cocktails are beyond yum. But what’s best is, of course, that view. Eighteen flights up no one can hear you scream with delight as you survey the city perched atop a slightly squishy cream-colored leather banquette.

Every accent is spot on. Urinals looking out over the city in the men’s room with naughty rulers etched into their dividers. Frosted mirrors everywhere in the single toilets that appear to hang over the side of the building. A smoking balcony with a barely-there railing that gives one the illusion of (and perhaps the reality of) the possibility of a very windy trip to the ground floor. I have not yet seen the whispered-about plunging pool on the other side of the eighteenth floor but when I do, rest assured, you will be the very first to know what I think.

Of course, special thanks to the fabulous people running the show there for accommodating me and my crew time and time again.

Because I love this stylish, 70s style Studio 54 for today it will surely be shut down due to code violations or slide off the top of its tower and plummet to its demise. That’s Murphy’s Law. So get there soon and devour that view.

See you in the trenches.


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  1. Burkalicious
    October 15th, 2009 at 17:05 | #1

    I’ve been growing out my afro since Tuesday. Making good progress.

  2. Phyllis Wheelan
    October 16th, 2009 at 16:16 | #2

    Well the Afro photo is undisputably fabulous. I was kinda hopin’ for a shot of the urinal with a view. Hmmm- things to do list.

  3. Jarrett Prince
    June 12th, 2010 at 00:58 | #3

    I know this kid and this is very, very, very, very, very weird hahaha

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