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Boy in a Balloon

October 16th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So is there anyone out there who doesn’t believe this is a hoax? The kid goes on an interview and says, “you said we did it all for a show” and then passes gas. The dad says, “man” and then, very lethargically, begins to backpedal and get angry at the suggestion that the whole thing was a sham. This is the same guy who called a television station before he called 911 when the balloon took off and who has appeared on reality TV before.

The wife looks like a brainwashed cult member. The kid has said he was up in the attic with snacks and his toys. Do the parents keep the unused attic stocked with snacks and toys? And how could the police have not searched the attic? My first instinct (as was the first instinct of so many) was, “I betcha that kid is just hiding somewhere in the house.”

Plus, we had weather balloon and aviation experts testifying even while the balloon was in the air that it was unlikely to be carrying anything approximating the weight of a child.

The family was on the Today show today and the kid apparently vomited on air. Parading your kids in front of cameras for reality TV shows and interviews is bad enough. But in my opinion (phrase included to keep these whack jobs from using their D grade lawyer to sue me for libel) when your kid is so stressed from the blatant dishonesty and crushing media attention that he’s throwing up on air you deserve to be put in jail. Its emotional abuse and Children’s Services should be investigating the past and current practices of this family.

Of course we can all afford to be snarky about Kate and Jon and whoever the hell these parents are. They are deranged but they are also adults. We take pot shots at individuals less worthy of them every day. But when children are weaved intrinsically into the folds of a parent’s creepy obsession with fame we should all put down the snide stick and keep it real for a mo’. If the authorities do not begin adequately investigating this family, we should all take an active role in ensuring they fulfill their responsibility to the innocent children of hapless, narcissistic liars.

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  1. Phyllis Wheelan
    October 16th, 2009 at 16:13 | #1

    While dressing for work this morning I actually witnessed the kid- who was sound asleep on his father’s shoulder-despite being prodded by every other family member- vomit. I know I would take my small child with tonsillitis, an ear infection, the swine flu, to appear on the Today Show in order to join in the reality show circus of American life. Americans are loathe to permit the President of the United States to address their children during lunch hour, but they take every opportunity to exploit them- and the rest of us with them!

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