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Trend Watch

October 19th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Josh has asked me to do more Trendwatches on the blog so let’s check out what’s hip, hot and now here in the Big Apple.

IN: Talking about being poor
Most of my very wealthy friends spend an inordinate amount of time discussing, over perfectly plated pieces of steamed sole and an ice cold martini, how broke they are. This is generally motivated by the plummeting value of their investment-backed trust funds or the loss of a job that, in truth, provided only some small supplementary income. This trend is getting boring, especially because the grand pronouncements are never backed by any cold, hard figures. Don’t we all, when engaged in such discourse, want to know – really – just how much money we are talking about here? You can’t help but wonder. And when the answers are less than forthcoming its so totally 25 cent peep show. That window comes slammin’ down so fast you wonder why you’re even there, just as you put another quarter into the slot.

OUT: Peepshows
Really. Why did I make reference to them? Those things haven’t been around in forever here in NYC. Right? Or am I walking by them and not noticing?

IN: Subway delays and schedule changes due to maintenance
This is clearly an annoying trend. Every weekend it seems like just about every line is being rerouted or not running at all. As many of you know, I think the MTA is America’s most dysfunctional city agency. Therefore, this trend is not surprising. Nonetheless, its super crappy.

IN: Random construction

Here’s a picture of Ludlow Street I took today:

Ludlow Street

As you can see, that shit is closed! Con Ed decided they needed to do some work and when better than a Monday morning at rush hour to start? Sounds like a good plan to me!

OUT: Loading your BlackBerry with the software update

Everyone seems to hate the new BlackBerry Messenger application so many people are opting out of the “highly recommended” upgrade that came out last week. I have the new BBM and it looks like Japanese anime. Its sort of lame but hasn’t crashed yet, as the old one was prone to do on a daily basis, so I’m sticking with it. The “Send Location” feature still doesn’t work (at least on ATT BlackBerrys) which is annoying but hardly a deal breaker.

IN: Women being oblivious that they are married to / in a committed relationship with a gay guy

I don’t think we need to expound too much on this trend. Its a sad one and all too pervasive among people who really should know better. I was at a cocktail gathering recently when a hand slid up my leg under the table. The hand was attached to a guy whose girlfriend was sitting across from me. Not cute. Just Say No.

OUT: Bye Bye Birdie

Man, that show got panned hard, eh? My very sweet, lovely, and talented pal Matt is in it and was (thankfully) spared the evisceration the rest of the cast suffered. No news is good news!




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