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This Pesky Recession

October 29th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

While the multifaceted negative aspects of the recession have been well-documented I’d like to point out a few positive qualities of the recession I’ve witnessed thus far.

-Fabulous Parties
Were you at Patrick Duffy’s beyond-stylish send off party for the death of clothing label Yoko Devereaux¬†on Tuesday night? You weren’t? Well it was at the Box and it was totally sensational. A coffin, performance art acts, rampant sexy naughtiness, and at least one person vomiting perilously close to my coat. Patrick is my favorite “overnight star” of the NYC scene. That bitch has been working it since back in the day at A.P.T. ¬†And now, years later, when everyone finally has figured out how truly talented and sensational he is at nightlife events, he’s suddenly all over Page 6 and the NYT blog. Its about time.

-Subtlety, Taste, and Class.
A couple of summers ago I was trying to order two double vodka sodas at the bar at Nello in Southampton. The drinks were $48 (each!) and took forever to get. When I went to pay I looked down the bar and saw no fewer than 5 Amex Black cards tossed down to pay for similarly overpriced libations. Now I love a good time as much as – if not more than – the next guy. But this sort of Euro-trash conspicuous consumption was simply in bad taste. I never went back to Nello and I hear its on the ropes.

If that’s the case, good riddance in advance. One positive aspect of the recession is that it has reigned in some of the tackiest extravagances and reintroduced a bit of tact to the conversation. Glamour and style are in. Labels and flash are out.

When everyone was employed and being promoted at a dizzying pace many of us lived to work. Its pretty difficult, when the opportunity presents itself, to refuse previously unimaginable sums of money even if the employment that garners those sums is soul-crushing and relentless. Now that many of us are feeling, officially or unofficially, a little bit furloughed, we can collectively take this moment to just freaking relax for a second. Read a book. Invite friends over for a pot-luck dinner. Drink $9 bottles of wine with the roommates on a Tuesday night. Its easy to forget that despite the current hardships many of us face we remain truly privileged to be able to have food, shelter, and company. Being reminded of just how lucky we are and how grateful we should feel for all our many blessings is just another reason for why this recession may not be the worst thing to ever happen to us.

So even if you weren’t in a position to take advantage of the depressed real estate market to scoop up a fab loft in SoHo or a cute cottage in Amagansett for a mere $2mil, this downturn wasn’t all bad. As we emerge from it and (hopefully) return to financial prosperity let us not forget the prosperity of the soul that no soaring stock portfolio can replace. May the lessons we’ve learned stay with us for many a boom-and-bust cycle to come.


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