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Halloween Highlights

November 2nd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Every year I tell myself, “This year will be different.” I won’t spend the majority of the day of Halloween running around all over the city buying wigs and makeup and fishnets and whatever else I need. Nope. This year I will take inventory of what I have (e.g. five tubes of black mascara that have each been used exactly one time) and I will plan accordingly. I will pop into the store that best fills each of my needs en route to and from work or the gym or a friend’s house. I will be fully ready days before and on the day of I will sip champagne as I leisurely outfit myself in the treasures I have found along the way.

But hey, who wants to break with tradition, right? Thus this year I once again found myself frantically buying hose, tubes of glitter, swords, ribbon, eyeliner – anything and everything needed and unneeded in my quest to make my costume complete. In my everyday life I’m rather low maintenance. I don’t use man makeup or hairspray (often) or designer deodorant. This nonchalance is quite convenient in meeting the ol’ quotidian needs but leaves me rather bereft of options come Halloween. But this year marks, I believe, a turning point. I’ve now accumulated enough makeup and pantyhose and wigs that I hope future years will be less labor (and American Express) intensive. I must have options, people. Check back with MySilentLife in 2010 to see if my predictions have held true. I’m sensing your doubt already.

Halloween itself is a magical night in NYC. The parade brings together a bunch of creative, fascinating people. Also, marauding packs of B&T hoodlums. But let’s face it, the parade functions as little more than an impediment in getting crosstown to the next event. Unless you happen to have a friend whose balcony overlooks the route, you’ve probably never seen it live and in person. That’s because Halloween is really about unabashed, total narcissism. Everyone is trying to outshine their peers and win that formalized or not-so-formalized costume contest at the end of the night.

But with unbridled narcissism comes fabulous parties. After all, its no fun to be all dressed up with fewer than three or four places to go. Thus the draw of Halloween in NYC remains the fêtes. I had no fewer than ten on my agenda and made it to exactly four. That’s kind of awesome for yours truly. Generally my feet hurt and my head aches and I’m home by 1am. Halloween often remains, sadly, one of my earliest nights of the season. But this year, friends, was different. And not just because of extensive vodka swilling at Eli’s whilst gazing upon the gorgeous Marina before heading off to Kiersten’s off-the-chain 10th Anniversary Halloween Spectacular. No, this year was different because I was tall. Really really tall. I was rocking a pair of glittery green platforms that proved slightly perilous but totally fabulous. Here’s evidence for the perilous part:

tinkerbell on the stairs Halloween 2009
What else is noteworthy about Halloween? Probably only that Halloween is also the night of a thousand car services. Every New Yorker knows getting a cab is impossible on Halloween. The savvy reveler hires a driver for the evening. Alas the gods of transit were not with me as my driver seemed confounded and surprised by the revelation that the traffic was bad because there was a parade going up 6th Avenue. Really? You didn’t know? Um, its the largest Halloween parade IN THE WORLD. You’d think the guy would have noticed. Nonetheless, said driver proceeds to take us from place to place allowing for another fascinating aspect of Halloween in NYC. Directing one’s driver in a crisp, husky voice whilst wearing a wig that barely fits into the backseat. Alas, said driver ended the evening by showing up 9 minutes late leaving someone waiting in the drizzle in front of Soho House at 4am. Uh oh. You can guess that never before has any mere mortal felt that kind of wrath from a dainty sprite. The situation might have been slightly aggravated by my insistence that my driver run over this drunk girl who was trying to hitch a ride with me. But I had, in no uncertain terms, told her to take a hike. I think that’s defense enough against a charge of aiding and abetting vehicular manslaughter, right? Lawyer friends, feel free to chime in.

What did you do for Halloween, darlin’? Do tell…



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  1. November 5th, 2009 at 12:41 | #1

    This was the first year I didn’t dress up (sad. no good. won’t repeat). We did have an infant costume for the baby – she went as a loaf of Wonder Bread. We pushed her in her stroller up to Queens Blvd where Mike and I got ice cream cones, then we pushed her back towards the house as it started to rain. She was asleep by the time we got upstairs. *sigh* oh Halloween… you’ll take on new meaning soon enough

  2. November 9th, 2009 at 17:06 | #2

    Perilous but oh so pretty!

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