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Was your Thanksgiving fabulous? Mine was. My designated chef performed admirably and my mother so enjoyed finally meeting Sir Jasper. After food and a brief siesta I popped over to my dear friend Peter’s home to say hello to him and his family. Cabs being scarce I made my way down to the less-than-trusty ol’ F train and waited for its arrival next to a homeless woman who kept repeating, “you don’t have to stink to prove you homeless” while she smoked a joint. Indeed, she was less than stinky although the same could not be sad, sadly, for her weed.

Mother pointed out that this was just about the most temperate Thanksgiving in recent memory. I can’t disagree. The weather was absolutely lovely and had I not been sleeping off the wares produced at Puck Fair and the Spring Lounge from the evening before I have no doubt I would have thoroughly enjoyed this year’s parade.

But, of course, we all know Thanksgiving in NYC is principally about drinking with friends. Certainly, we squeeze in a bit of quality time with the fam but through it all we know we know we will have the luxury of relatively empty bars later in the evening in which to enjoy the company of our best buds. There are only two nights like this in all the year – Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. On those two holidays the denizens of our fair city scuttle off from whence they came to spend a bit of qt with their ‘rents and the rest of us are left here to enjoy the conspicuousness of their absence. On these two days one is reminded of just how few native New Yorkers really exist here and of the transient nature of the borough of Manhattan. Its a lovely feeling to be here, at home, wandering the quiet city, filled with thanks indeed.

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