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Its the Theatre darling…

December 17th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

As some of you know I’ve been rather busy lately. I’ve always said people should really not work 12 – 14 hour days and after doing like 100 of them in a row my feelings on said topic hold fast. Working too hard totally blows. On the flip side, I’ve managed to squeeze in a bunch of theatre and done a little myself. So that’s cute.

I was in this reading of a new musical called Amazing Grace. It had lots of religious overtones and a potential investor at one of the presentations was seen doing that double hand raise thing that people do in the infomercials for Christian rock cds and megachurches. Crazy! I sang a bunch and some of it was loud.

I’ve been lucky enough to see several really fabulous things. So Help Me God, featuring my friend and former lover (on stage) Anna Chlumsky as well as Kristen Johnson was so hilarious and perfectly paced (actors, note: this performance demonstrates how you should be picking up your lines) that the relatively long performance time flew by. Anna is just a doll – you’ll want to leap onto the stage and sweep her to a better place – and Ms. Johnson (can’t call her Kristen ’cause, ya know, I don’t know her) delivers a master class in comedy and physicalization. Awesome.

I also saw Chunky Move’s Mortal Engine at BAM. Umm…hello? This is possibly the coolest performance I’ve ever seen. Have you ever been to a rave and taken a lot of MDMA and then danced in a pit? No? Well anyway it was like that. Except the pit was the BAM Opera House and the dancers were professional and gorgeous and the drugs were…in….my…mind. Whoa! Get high on life! At one point there was a topless woman doing the most amazing combination with this ripped guy and laser beams were flooding the entire house with waves while smoke billowed out from behind the stage. Really. I think they only had like 3 performances here but if Chunky Move is ever in town again (or comes to your town) you should go. I sat in the first row (I usually hate that) and it was super awesome. So I’d say its worth approximately one million dollars to go see them. Unless the tickets are more than that (like if the economy rebounds or whatever) you should go.

I saw a bunch of other things too but I don’t really like theatre blogs so I don’t particularly feel like writing one. That being said, my friend Orlan and I went to Ballet Hispanico’s closing performance of 2009 and it was pretty fly. Those peeps are zexy and can dance. We drank champagne with the dancers after the show (and some rich old white dudes who give mucho dinero) and I got a little buzzed and flirted with the ladies. Good times!

This all leads me to conclude that I need to see more dance. Opera? Over it. First of all that shit is too long. Right? I usually go to the MET with Alex and he won’t let me do what all civilized people do: second act it. Those of you in the know are feelin’ me. Second acting it is when you skip the first act in favor of dinner (or just a bunch of drinks) and then show up for the second act. The rationale behind this move is super smart. First, you were probably going to be five minutes late for the curtain anyway and since the MET has no late seating once the act has begun you might as well skip it all together. That’s called planning ahead people! Second, you get to eat and drink. If you choose drinks over food you’ll probably be a little tanked for the second act. That’s cool too though because sitting around watching people sing is way more fun when tipsy. Why do you think they serve champagne at the opera? Hello! Its so people don’t leave! Also, if you’re really tipsy you can nap a little and then skip the third act in favor of food (or more drinks at Marie’s).  It happens.

Dance, on the other hand, just flies by. Its so visceral and energized that you actually want it to go on for longer. Plus dancers are really hot. Tada! That’s my kind of show.

So, in conclusion, go to see more dance. You’ll be happy ya did.



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