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To give and receive

December 21st, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So its the holiday season. What did you get and give for the season of a thousand dangerously flickering candles and/or the birth of our savior Ol’ Saint Nick?

Personally, I took a less-is-more approach to the holidays this year. Nobody got anything. You get a big kiss and a sip of whatever I’m drinking. Tada. Nor did I expect to receive very much this year. The economy is in the toilette and no matter how much (or little) that has affected you, it seems in rather poor taste indeed to buy a diamond broach fashioned to resemble an extended middle finger. Such things are simply not done…this year. Shelve your toilette (secondary definition, natch)¬†until¬†next year.

Nor am I writing lengthy cards detailing how thrilled I am to know you. You get this blog, and isn’t that treat enough?

I have a fabulously decorated Christmas tree and a dog with a half dozen down and cashmere and fleece coats of all shapes and sizes, not one of which he will walk in once his paws hit the pavement. Sigh. So pretty much, that’s my vision of the Holidays. Something pretty that smells good and something handsome that smells good…after his bath. What more could a man want or need?

For those of you inclined to get into the spirit of the season, the last gasp of 2009 is a mere 5 days away. Why not write a big, fat, bedazzled, tax-deductible check to the Gay Center in the West Village with my YES SAT Prep and College Counseling program listed as the recipient in the memo line? I promise not to embezzle your contribution to fuel my lavish, $8 bottle of champagne kinda lifestyle.

No matter what you choose to do this holiday season, try not to murder any weaving tourists or misplaced ukulele players and you’ll come out on top.


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