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Boyz and Brews

January 12th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

On Sunday I saw the closing night performance of Alter Boyz. I had never seen it before – making me one of one person in the audience who was a newbie. Some patrons gleefully admitted to me that they had seen the show 40 plus times. Wowza.

The show was adorable but I can’t really remember anything that happened. The gay character was kind of sweet and the kids all worked their mics to the point that even in the second row of a theatre that seats maybe 200 people I wasn’t entirely convinced they weren’t lip syncing. The after party was, as always, the highlight of the evening. How could one not have fun with free pitchers of Bud Light and buffalo wings at Hooters? A former cast mate of mine who shall remain nameless showed up seemingly a wee bit less than sober and kicked in a banister. Whoops! Violence at Hooters! After polishing off my pitcher and starting on a 2nd it was time to depart. I cabbed my way to the ol’ Homestead and was asleep by 1.

Yesterday, I saw Stiffelio at the MET and spent the majority of the evening chatting about Verdi’s “Stiffy.” It was a’ight but the intermissions were endless and thus the program ran 25 minutes longer than anticipated. Luckily I made the last downtown F before it ceased to function at midnight (well actually it was an E train running over the V but who can nitpick?). The F runs so infrequently at night that I now find myself planning to get back to my neighborhood no later than midnight or risk being stranded and cab-less. This makes me feel like I live in London but not in a good way. If there are two things NYC has got on London they are transit and food. The first has deteriorated to the point where the MTA is now hiring consultants from London’s tube system to help prevent ours from perishing. But the second is still kickin’ it.

And with that easy, breezy, beautiful (Covergirl) segue let me remind you that NYC Restaurant Week is nearly upon us – it begins Jan 25th. Log onto your handy dandy OpenTable account now and see if you can’t snag one of those few remaining resos at Bond St, Nobu Next Door, LeCirque, or someplace you actually want to eat (like perhaps The Harrison). JKLOL you hoity-toity joints – I love y’all, each and every one of you. Don’t seat me next to the kitchen…please.

Happy dining my fellow foodies.



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