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The question of the hour, week, month, or year (depending on who is doin’ the askin’!) is, of course, will your flo glide gently onto a pad…an iPad. Well, will it? Personally, I’m rather psyched about the iPad. As some of you know I do a bit of tutoring from time to time (both pro bono and less so) for these li’l ol’ tests called the SATs. To do so I lug around some fairly weighty books. I’m pretty excited at the idea of instead carrying around a giant iPod Touch that will enable me to float, as if on wings, into my sessions. No longer will I feel cramps (from heavy backpacks, ‘natch!) nor depression (from people making fun of said backpacks). Nope. I’ll be free to jump in the air in a white cheerleader’s outfit and play with¬†balloons¬†filled with blue liquid without fear. Sweet!

But I digress. The larger question is whether to order an iPad with only WiFi now to get the treasured little screen of love on April 3rd or to wait for the 3G version which ships, according to the Apple website, in “late April.” I wanted the 3G model so I preordered it today. And guess what? My emailed receipt shows, in fact, that the iPad is due to ship in “late April.” It also, however, shows that my optional handy dandy carrying case is set to ship April 15th and arrive on the 20th. So hopefully the device itself wont be too far behind. A girl can dream…



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