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Update: While the sites went live again this morning, at Noon EST they appear to be down again.

Update II: at 12:50pm its back up.

In the Times today, David Pogue writes a glowing review of Line2, saying it, “has the potential to shake up an entire industry.”

I met Peter Sisson, fonder of Line2, briefly at an event my Council was sponsoring last month at the Gay Center in the West Village. I was struck by his whip smart intelligence and relentless ambition to start “Game Over” tech.

Sadly, when I navigated over to Line2 I was greeted by the following message:

“Toktumi and Line2 are currently experiencing a denial of service attack. We are trying to isolate the attackers and restore service. Please stand by.”

Was it the NYT’s spotlight on Line2 that made internet pirates want to attack? Or was this coordinated attack weeks or months in the making? Either way, its unfortunate that rogue gangs continue to try to thwart good ol’ American tech innovation. I wish Line2 well and hope they are back up and running soon.



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