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Jasper Looks to the Future

Recently its been all about Jasper. And before you can say, “But Billy, its ALWAYS about Jasper,” let me remind you that Jasper and I have enjoyed some firsts together as of late.

Firstly (ha!), Jasper made his debut at the Tompkins Square Park Dog Run. And what a debut it was. Jasper bounded about in the “big dogs” run until we commuted over a few feet to the “little dogs” run, dedicated to dogs under 28 lbs. While Sir was not thrilled to leave the 135 lb Great Dane he had decided was his new best friend, he quickly acclimated to dominating all those who surrounded him, including a couple of fabulous lesbians and a doggy momma who was clearly wasted at 11am.

If you’ve never been to Tompkins Square Park, I encourage you to stroll on through. Its a fascinating hodgepodge of chemically dependent homeless people and chemically dependent rich people. They’re so different! And while mismatched horse-heads shoot up in the men’s room, carefully disheveled hipsters sip on bloody marys in styrofoam cups while trying to locate little Buster in the fray. The gentrification of the East Village can be felt no where more strangely than in this little melting pot where denizen remnants of the 80s sigh at bleach blonde models wearing Seven jeans to walk their teacup poodles.

But have no fear, Jasper has been celebrating elsewhere as well. Easter happened to fall on Jasper’s very 1st birthday this year (and not the other way around) so Momma and some cohorts came over for lox and bagels. Jasper ate dog food but Ji was nice enough to bring him some birthday doggie biscuits that he just adored. Thanks Ji! The rest of us noshed and drank 8 bottles of champagne. Typical.

In short, a good time was had by all. Our next high holy day, The Kentucky Derby, is just around the corner. Do you have your seersucker jackets, elaborate hats, and stomach-pumping mechanisms at the ready? Good. Let the race begin.



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