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What’s goin’ on

Welcome to spring my friends. June is (just about to) bust all over and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Sitting in my apartment with the air conditioner set to an environmentally-friendly 65 degrees, staring down on a bunch of people sweatin’ it to the oldies on Houston Street….thats what life’s about.

Its been a busy few weeks. I’ve been crackin’ watch straps, lifting glasses, and taking names. And numbers. Also email addresses.¬†Additionally, I’ve done some work and opened some young minds. Maybe. So that’s been good too.

Ok so, I’ve been trying to cut down on my carbs in preparation for summer. I fully intend to look slimmer than a dead, bloated whale and that will require a bit of work on my part. As you know, I enjoy going to the gym and lifting heavy things up and then putting them down. So that’s helpful. But any truly six-packed guy or gal knows to be truly zexy one needs to keep an eye on the diet.

Ok, maybe one doesn’t need to go quite that far. Plus, shouldn’t she be skinny? And lastly, the question on the tip of all of our tongues, does she have a preferred brand?

I digress. I am not a terribly unhealthy eater, but I decided to cut down on my carbs for a couple of weeks just to see what happened. Now, this should be a fairly easy process. I’m not a candy guy, I generally skip dessert…no mocha frappachinos and the like here. So no biggie, right?


I’m super addicted to sugar, as it turns out. More accurately, the carbs that come from bread and pasta. Little did I know I’m secretly Italian (well, I knew I was in the parts that mattered, but that’s another story…) and that I eat bread or pasta at every meal. Two eggs for breakfast? Sure, oh and can I get 6 slices of whole wheat toast with that? And a large orange juice? A sandwich for lunch? Do you guys have any of those really enormous rolls with the poppy seeds on them today? Something local and nice in the neighborhood for dinner? Um, hm, lets just go over to Frankie’s where I will have the cavatelli with hot sausage. Oh and in between I’ll have some milk and maybe a coke in the afternoon. Snack on half a bagel or a bowl of fruit.

As you can see, my (semi) sensible diet is in fact nine hundred and twenty six MILLION grams of carbohydrates per day. So I decided to cut out carbs as much as possible for a couple of days to see what would happen. The answer is muscle pain and headaches. Are you kidding? I’m having freaking withdrawal from bread.

The human body is an amazing thing. Mine seems rather reluctant to embrace change. But I’m twisting its arm, so to speak. We’ll see who wins. Place your bets folks, place your bets…



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