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Movie Night II plus Canoe

I’ve gotten some grief over my portrayal of the weather here in Lake Annis. So today, instead of truthfully reporting that its grey, I will report that its sunny with light tropical breezes.

Last night was another Movie Night here and the selection was Madea Goes to Jail. In this abysmal piece of cinema, a bunch of fat, unattractive African-American people (spoiler: they’re all played by the same person!) are funny and several thin, attractive African-American people are not. Do you remember that episode of Real Housewives of New York where Kelly Benjamin Samoan asked what the charity was for and Jill said “oh its for arthritis because my daughter has arthritis” and Kelly said “oh that’s cute!”? Remember that? That’s how I felt watching this movie.

I had high hopes for this movie because Rudy Huckstable from the Cosby Show is in it. She plays a hooker who is described as a “binge user” by a non-medical professional and has very nice skin and surprisingly large breasts. Still, she’s a hooker and that’s bad. You know how in movies there’s often someone at the beginning of the movie who is tortured and “repressing something that happened long ago” and therefore smokes cigarettes? We as viewers know that smoking is a code wink-wink-nudge-nudge for “something’s gotta change or Cybil Shepard is going to drive that BMW into a wall! On purpose!” Well Rudy doesn’t smoke in this movie but she does wear what has to be the most unfortunate red wig ever to hit celluloid. In the end tho she doesn’t and that’s how we know she’s gonna be ok. Let me bring you up to speed on Rudy’s journey. See she pops up out of nowhere and her prosecuting DA, who looks like a younger, less intelligent version of Denzel Washington, realizes he knows the lady-of-the-night in question. The frothy dialogue that informs us of this includes, “Hey, I know her!” and “She’s someone I knew a long time ago, we grew up together.” So that was clear.

As the film progresses young, dumb Denzel wants to help Rudy but she wont let him. But when she ends up in the slammer and he gets her free (with the help a certain life-coach who gives mad props to Jesus – Let HIM Live!) she realizes he is the one for her. She no longer shoots heroine, and they kiss on the steps of the prison, flashbulbs of the paparazzi illuminating her rosy cheeks and his fine – I mean fine – physique.

While I did not particularly enjoy this film, I do recommend it for those readers who have young children of the female variety at home. Because while you may know the stale, tired “hooker with a heart of gold” trope from Pretty Woman, you’ve not yet seen “hooker with a bad attitude who changes to brilliant, compassionate lady for no intelligible reason.” You see in this film, all that’s needed for Rudy Huckstable to have her epiphany is for young, dumb Denzel to love her – just really love her. Which I think sends an inspiring message to young women around the globe. You can be a messy ol’ crackhead, but just so long as some man comes and rescues you, you’ll be ok. If you choose, however, to pursue goals that do not involve living as chattel, you are doomed. Inspiring!

Well that was then and this is now. And what a now it is. Today Alex and I (accompanied by my faithful companion, Jasper) canoed to some patch of woods to look for something Alex lost there. He couldn’t find it and we paddled home. Two meals were eaten and I did a bunch of research for the pro bono work I am doing at the LGBT Center in the West Village beginning October 1st. Shawna had sent me syllabi, outlines, forms, and oodles of information. I made cosmetic changes to bolster my own ego and sent them back. What a long bloody day!

What did you do today? Won’t you share your story with me – and the world – in the comments section?



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  1. Pamela
    August 11th, 2009 at 18:31 | #1

    Goodness Billy, thank you for screening movies for us and saving us all the trouble!
    I have spent the day listening to enormously talented people sing wonderful songs and trade hilarious tales of “the biz”, gotta love NYC. I would kill for a little rowing on the lake though…

  2. August 13th, 2009 at 17:36 | #2

    I was promised a picture of Jasper lounging on a deck. What gives? Despite this shortcoming, I commend you for your writing. Bravo. Now post the picture. Seriously.

  3. admin
    August 13th, 2009 at 17:45 | #3

    EEK. Sorry dude, totally uploaded it but…ummm….not really sure where it would be on the site. Going to have my trusty web design wiz Mr. Alexander Burns help me figure this one out.

  4. CeCe
    August 16th, 2009 at 19:50 | #4

    for your next movie night I suggest Hamlet 2

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