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(N.B.: I wrote this early this evening but forgot to post it. Painkillers were not responsible for this oversight. Not at all)


Judge Judy was EXCELLENT today. The judge correctly pointed out that the young man did, in fact, owe his mother that $2,800 (and an apology!) even though he decided he didn’t like that she went broke taking care of her second husband’s cerebral palsy bills. Tsk tsk. Also, I believe Alex may have stolen the aforementioned wheel chair, complete with enormous pipe for IV pole, hooks, etc. as its still sitting in our hotel room. I’d ask him to go return it but he is…you guessed it…napping.
(N.B. II: And, in case anyone is curious, Alex wheeled himself back to the hospital in the wheelchair because he felt it would be “a great workout for his upper body” then stunned smokers outside the hospital doors when he casually hopped out of it to return it. Its a miracle! He can walk!)
At any rate, this is not just another random musing because I am silent and already starting to climb the walls. No, no. Those will not start for several more hours. The purpose of this update is to respond to those of you who have inquired as to where to send a card. Its totally unnecessary. I know you love me. Or you did before you started receiving emails from a man whose only means of communicating to anyone is through the power of the pen or a BlackBerry with a sticky alt key. But if you feel you must celebrate my survival at the hands of an anesthesiologist who was unamused at my opener (“Hey doc, don’t kill me”) then feel free to drop one in the mail to my home and Shawna will hang on to them for a grand presentation when I return. Or, if you want to spring for some extra postage and the frisson of penning “par avion” in loopy scroll across the front of an envelope sealed with a unicorn sticker, I can receive letters at the Burns’ rustic lakeside quarters.

Billy Wheelan
c/o The Burns Family
13 Mooswa Lane
Lake Annis. South Ohio
Nova Scotia. B0W3E0

Of course, you needn’t send a card. But I will reveal to all of you that a certain stunning young lady (married, boys, watch it!) who rocks doc martins and loves dogs sent me a card before I left with an adorable Jack Russell on it! And, as many of you know, I am the proud owner for 6 weeks now of a new Jack Russell puppy, Jasper, who is the apple of my eye and who I suspect will be very confused as to why I am not verbalizing my love for him when I see him in Nova Scotia tomorrow. Let’s hope the little guy isn’t traumatized!

Love to all.


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